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Lesley and Rick Spears

Lesley and Rick Spears - Owners of Feels Just Like Home

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Feels Just Like Home, a cleaning and maintenance company, was founded in Sevier County, Tennessee in 2019, when Lesley Spears decided that she wanted to do more for her community. She wanted to make a memory for all the visitors that come to the area to explore the beauty of the mountains.

Lesley has been in and out of the hospitality industry for many years. In between professions, she was a staffing consultant and office manager for firms out of Indiana. Lesley also received her Paralegal degree in 2015. Amidst all of the changes, Lesley has been able to explore a lot of the country, living from coast to coast. She realized that the most important thing in traveling is the memories of each place.
Lesley believes that kindness goes a long way, and first impressions are everything. And… Lesley believes that presentation is very important!!!

Lesley has planted her feet in Sevier County and hopes to be a light and memory to at least one guest in her lifetime, for she will always show kindness, even in the most challenging situations. Lesley and her team have been in customer service for many years. They know the importance of making everything perfect for the visitors of the Smoky Mountains.

Lesley and her husband Rick (a maintenance professional of 25+ years) decided that they wanted to be a big part of this awesome Volunteer State. They want to help people remember the reason why they continue to come to the Great Smoky Mountains.

What makes us the most trusted cleaning and maintenance company in the Smoky Mountains?

We are committed to our Core Values

Rick & Lesley Spears hope to meet more property owners and partner with those who genuinely believe in the magic of the mountains and understand why it is the most visited place in the nation. Feels Just Like Home will always strive to show our guests that THEY are why we continue to do what we love to do, which is to make them feel like they are at home. We will forever strive to make an impact or a special memory in someone’s life.

We are proud to say that we have had an outpouring of customer requests. We hope to continue to grow and build rapport with Happy Partners for years to come.

We are a family owned company, and we take great pride in our accomplishments in obtaining Partners that have embraced our services. We hope to have everlasting relationships with our current and future Partners.

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