Cabin Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Cabin Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Cabin Housekeeping

Rental Property Maintenance

Standard Cleaning Tasks

Listed below are a few examples of the cleaning tasks complete. Please contact us for a complete list of cabin cleaning services!


  • Clean all counters
  • Wipe down all appliances (inside and out)
  • Wipe out oven (including drawer under oven) and microwave inside and out
  • Put away all clean dishes; Silverware aligned neatly in its compartment
  • All dishes grouped together neatly and clean
  • Cookware neatly organized
  • Coffee maker, Toaster, can opener, etc… wiped down and presented neatly on the counter
  • Trash bag tied off and positioned neatly
  • Sweep and mop floor
Cabin Kitchen Cleaning Services
Cabin Bathroom Cleaning Services


  • Remove existing linens and replace with clean linens.
  • Empty trash and replace trash bag; Trash can be neatly placed in corner
  • Clean all sinks, toilets, showers and or tubs
  • Clean around the base of the toilet
  • Wipe any visible dirt or marks off walls/showers/tubs
  • Clean all counters
  • Drawers and cabinets empty and clean (if applicable)
  • Sweep/mop all flooring
  • Towels folded neatly for welcoming appearance

Living Areas:

  • Couch cushions pushed in tightly; decorative pillows turned at an angle for welcoming appearance
  • Blinds and or curtains free of dust and open to see view
  • Dust all furniture
  • Check all lamps are plugged in and cords hidden behind tables; lampshades centered
  • Wall art is straight on the wall and dusted
  • Vacuum, sweep and mop all floors
  • Free of any cobwebs in corners, debris, and or sand
  • Clean all sliding glass doors and windows
  • Dust all ceiling fans
Cabin Living Area Cleaning Services
Cabin Bedroom Cleaning Services


  • Remove existing linens and replace with clean linens
  • Straighten bed skirts and bedding
  • Pillows sitting up, angled and against the headboard
  • Dust all furniture
  • Vacuum all carpet and sweep and mop all floors
  • Straighten items in closet/ fold extra blankets and place neatly in closet or drawers
  • Dresser drawers are empty and clean
  • Clean all windows
  • Wall art is straight on the wall and dusted
  • Blinds and or curtains dust free and open to show view

What We Provide



Estimated Costs for Cabin Cleaning Services

Costs vary per unit - please call for a quote

Feels Just Like Home prefers not to have same day bookings without their partners first consulting us due to busy seasons. If there is a last minute booking made, there will be a $100 charge, payable upfront for last minute cleans. Feels Just Like Home will also not be able to guarantee that the property will be clean by 4 PM, but can give an estimate of when cleaning might be complete.

Additional Costs for Cabin Cleaning Services

$50 for any grills that have not been cleaned – all guests are required to clean grills after use.

  • Any runs to the property will be a $25 charge unless it is a maintenance issue
  • Extra Trash runs – $50 (when a guest needs trash removed due to no room or too full)
  • Extra Hot tub cleans – $50 (when a guest requests because it has been used during their stay
  • Excessive cleanings (if your property has been trashed) – starts at $75 in addition to the regular cleaning fee
  • Hot tub cleaning – $50; deep cleaning – $100
  • Garbage that is not bagged (We leave enough bags for guests to bag their trash) – $100
  • Removing open or unopened food that is left in the cabin – $45 charge
  • $100 if guests have no departed by 10:10 AM
  • $45 for unclean dishes
  • Holiday cleans – $125 in addition to regular clean
  • Service calls/Maintenance – $95

Items Routinely Checked

Air Filters

Checked and replaced if necessary

Smoke Detectors

Checked and batteries replaced if necessary

Light Bulbs

Checked and replaced if necessary

TV Input

TV's checked to ensure they are on the correct input


Batteries for remotes to TV's, fans, electric fireplace

Large Appliances

Checked for good working condition

Small Appliances

Checked for good working condition


Inside and outside banisters checked for loose railing

Owners will be notified immediately of any potential hazards for guests discovered, such as slippery steps or frayed and rolled-up rugs that could cause a fall.

Other Offers

Newlywed/Anniversary Basket

$ 119 Each
  • Smoky Mountain Wine
  • Wine Glasses
  • Chocolate
  • Cheese & Crackers
  • Flowers

Birthday Basket

$ 119 Each
  • Birthday Balloons
  • Birthday Card
  • Smoky Mountain Wine
  • Scented Candles
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee Mug

We offer to stock drinks, ice, and/or grocery items for a fee of $40 plus the purchase price of the items.

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